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Dan Corthorn

Dan Corthorn

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During me and my partners 20 week scan we found out our baby girl had a congenital diaphgramatic hernia, a small hole on in the diaghragm which allows the bowel, intestine and sometimes the liver up into the chest. This prevents the lungs from developing to their full size and sadly sometimes can stop them developing at all which in turn gives the baby a very small chance of survival. Our baby girl is due to be born on the 26th June at St Mary's Childrens Hospital in Manchester, where she will receive the best possible treatment from the amazing staff who work there. Just a few pennies could go a long way in helping the doctors, nurses and midwives a little more in providing new equipment , or going into much need research about this "rare disease" which only 2500 babies are diagnosed with each year. 


Thanks in advance, love to you all,

Dan, Kim, Isla , Arlo and little Molly xxx

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